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    Saturday, the 7th of April 2012 dawned International Pillow Fight Day & Manhattan’s 7th annual, all welcome, Pillow Fight hosted by Newmindspace. Hundreds gathered in Washington Square Park dressed for battle in pajamas, bunny ears, knights armor, masks, and spandex for quick decisions. I went down early and posted up high atop a park bench to get a good vantage point of the chaos. Once the whistle blew I snapped a few photos before realizing, if I really wanted to capture the feel of this thing I had to get in it. Once I was in the middle of it all I had a hard time NOT getting smacked by the flying pillow or two. Some people just started throwing pillows across the square. At one point a group of girls yelled “Get the tall guy!” and took a good three or four swings at my head. Luckily I didn’t break any lenses. It really was chaos in there. It was so packed at times that there wasn’t enough room for people to even swing pillows and they just started punching people with pillows instead. No blood was drawn that I saw {bummer} and the cops were watching on laughing as kids got pummeled. Really everyone looks out for one another and helps each other up if one gets knocked to the ground. I managed to get out with no cuts or bruises and just a bag full of feathers.


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    A week and a half ago Nick took me to a fun little pop up tasting for what else, but one of my absolute favorites: GRILLED CHEESE! I couldn’t believe my ears when he told me he had scored a freebie entry for himself as well as yours truly. Thanks Time Out New York!!! That was such a treat!! Tickets were $25 for all you can handle tastings as well as drinks (for 1 hour of course!). We showed up to our assigned time slot and grabbed ourselves a beer from the local craft brewery, Sixpointwhile we waited to be herded in. There were 7 different stations to choose and taste from (in no particular order: Little Muenster, Lucy’s Whey, Big Daddy’s, Tartinery, Casellula, Murray’s Melts, and The Melt Shop) and then we had to place our votes at the end of the hour. We made our way through the 7 stations, judged then picked our favorites. Our top 3 were: Lucy’s Whey, Little Muenster and Big Daddy’s. In the end we both voted for Big Daddy’s. Who can say no to the heart stopping macaroni & cheese with bacon and truffle oil?? We don’t actually know who won the contest or what they won, but we sure had a good time. It was a grilled cheese lover’s dream!


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    It may be because I grew up near the ocean, sailing, fishing, surfing and most anything else you can do in that vast world of water, or because I’m the son of a Boat Builder, but I have a very strong affinity for Ships & Ports. I love going down to the Seaport, grabbing a coffee and wandering the cobble stone streets that line the old port village buildings. One of those buildings houses the Museum. YES. The positive new slogan for the South Street Seaport Museum, which re-opened on 25th of January, is plastered all over the entrance in an eye pleasing Pantone color Regatta. Nestled between restaurants and stores it’d be easy to miss the museum entrance if it weren’t for the steel buoys guiding you in. A ticket cost you just 5 bucks and comes with a gratis entrance to the Museum of The City of New YorkThe museum received a grant which allows it to be open for an 18 month evaluation, so if you live in the city or are visiting this year, it’s one not to be missed. Unlike most museums which are stark white and feel more like a doctors office, the Seaport Museum is warm lit & cozy more like a cabin of fine art. Each room is unique and different from the next but compliment each other as a collection. “Bottled Up” – miniature ships in bottles, “Super Models” –  a fleet of model ships, & “Handheld Devices” – antique ship tools were a few of my personal favorites. Floor 3 is filled with a few random exhibits that I don’t think really go, but you can decide that for yourself. If you have a love for old buildings or brick that would be enough of a reason to visit, but if you also love miniature ships in bottles that is another reason to visit. I happen to love both those things, so this was a super treat for me.


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    La Churreria, a traditional Spanish café and bakery in Nolita, has been open for exactly 1 month. We’ve been wanting to go get churros since we heard about it, from Hither & Thither, and today was as good as any, lately, to do just that. Our apartment is rather dungeon-like since we don’t get too much natural light in there and we go kinda stir crazy sometimes. After working all day Saturday, having our usual lazy Sunday morning, it was time to get out and enjoy the last bit of sun in the afternoon hours. We ventured down to Mulberry & Houston and cozied up in the back corner booth. We ordered a plate of Churros w/chocolate dipping sauce to share and each had a Café con leche to go with. The couple sitting across from us got a tall glass of milk instead of coffee which I think we’ll be doing next time. I’m salivating just thinking about it now. The churros are cooked perfectly and you can’t really lose with chocolate. There are a few different ways they prepare them; Plain. w/Chocolate sauce. w/Condensed milk. Filled with chocolate. Filled with condensed milk. Whichever way you like it will be delicious and it’s worth the crowd. If you’re in the area for shopping or a walk, be sure to stop in for an anytime dessert. You’ll be glad you did.


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    Last week Coffee Common came to NYC and set up a pop-up store in Chelsea. I had been wanting to go all week, but between client meetings, phone calls, a few thousand {ok, like 10} emails, and the occasional edit I was unable to get there until Saturday night. \\ More about Saturday day in the next post \\. We got there just after sun down and had quite a time finding the entrance. We walked around the two sides of the building a few times, before we realized someone had just placed their luggage against the entrance, which had lead us to believe that entrance was locked. It wasn’t. The entire place was floor to ceiling windows and I’m sure we looked rather ridiculous looking up and down the windows to see if any of them were actually doors, but we finally made our way in and hung our coats on the complimentary coat rack. It’s $5 for a ceramic mug and you can taste as many coffees, as many times as you’d like. We were both under the impression that there would at least be a station to buy a full cup, with milk & sugar to your liking, for Yanessa since she doesn’t drink black coffee. There wasn’t. Neither was there anywhere to sit, so she ended up standing for about 45 minutes until I was done. The roasters that were highlighted were, in no particular order, Ritual Roasters, Counter Culture, Intelligentsia, Heart Roasters {my personal choice of the tasting}, & Gimme!. Would’ve loved to have some of my coffee buds here to share the night with. Maybe next time!