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    “If you walk across my camera I will flash the world your story.”
    ― Woody Guthrie

    We bought the MX-35, from the Treasures Trash Barn next to our Motel, for $8.50 and it came with a roll of expired film from Walmart. We had no idea what the photographs were going to look like or how this fixed 35mm camera was going to perform, but we loaded it up, shot, & hoped for the best.

    A story, of a trip to Maine, can be told within these photographs. There is a story told in each one and a story that is left out. I like that. These particular photographs leave out the conversations,  the laughs, the beers, the moosen/meese/mooses. These photographs do tell of the road traveled, the experience, & the fun that was had with good friends in the beautiful state of Maine.